Welcome to Aarogya Path Care

Aarogya Path Care is fully automated diagnostic laboratory with a better quality at affordable costs to laboratories and hospitals in India.

Aarogya Path Care ISO 9001-2015 certified operates with – in major metro cities of India and We have focus on strong technologies, strong brands and strong systems that enable all laboratories to give their clients the best of science and technology at an affordable cost.

With a belief that ‘Quality’ And Reliability is the important of any management, Aarogya became one of the Indian diagnostic laboratories to certified with ISO 9001-2015, and International Association of Facilitators ( IAF ) , JAS-ANZ register

Operated with a goal to improve patient care, the highly skilled and zealous people in teamed who provide efficient, reliable and authentic diagnostic testing services to meet the needs of the customers. Aarogya Path Care recommend almost the entire range of Clinical Diagnostic Testing possible throughout the cities with perfection and at an affordable price.